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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New 35 quart Boiler now being shipped

As of April 1st the new 35 quart boiler is being shipped in place of the 7.5 gallon keg style boiler.  This new boiler will be included with all Mustang and Python Stills.

35 Quart Boiler

35 Quart Boiler
Qty: Price: $139.95 Shipping: $24.95

35 Quart Electric Boiler

35 Quart Electric Boiler
Qty: Price: $199.95 Shipping: $26.95

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Distilling in a Nut Shell....

What it basically is: Well, we will start with a mash. A mash is fermented sugar. By combining sugar, water and yeast and letting it ferment it will produce alcohol up to certain percentage. The maximum percentage you can ferment to is 20% alcohol by volume. But this does not have a pleasant taste or odor. There are a number of combinations and things you can ferment, such as molasses which is used to make rum. You can convert starch to sugar and ferment it, as in a whisky. So first you have to have a fermented wash (wash is a combination of sugar water and yeast that has produced alcohol already).

Next the distillation! This is removing the alcohol/ethanol from the wash and making a concentrate or concentrating the alcohol into a more pure state. Such as taking the 20% ABV wash and extracting it to let's say a 96% ABV or 192 Proof product. Please note that alcohol or ethanol at this percentage should be cut to consumable level AKA: 50% or 100 proof with distilled water!
This is just a short explanation of distilling. We strongly recommend getting our software that has everything you need to know about distilling. We have spent thousands of hours wading through all the facts and fiction so you don't have to!

We hope you will enjoy your new hobby as much as we do!

Thank You,


These Types of Stills.
They Produce Awful Tasting Desolates,
Active Carbon Will Not Even Clean Up The FOUL Oily Taste! They do not clean out the essential elements when operated. This means You Get Do Not Get A Clean Distillation.  In Fact You have to use a clearing agent in your mash. If not your desolate comes out cloudy! Who wants to drink extra chemicals!

No Matter what They Say, These Stills Make Awful Spirits!

This is a Inferior Product!
You will Have A Oil Taste That You Cant wash out of your Mouth!
(the taste is really bad)
You Get No Natural Flavor.
You Cant Add Any Natural Flavors During Distilling.
(the best time to add them!)
No Quality Whisky or Bourbon.
No Killer Rums.
Vodka that your car wont even like the taste of!
All Hooch You Make will Taste Like Crap!

You Need A Copper Distillation Column to make The Best Spirits!


Want True Flavor!
Clean, Clear, Crisp
Desolates Always!


Reasons to Buy a Moonshine Still From Us!.

  • We make the Best Moonshine Stills!

  • True Natural Flavor From Your Mash Moonshine!

  • The Only Still You Can Add Pure Natural Flavor During Making Moonshine! (lemon, lime, orange, cherry, peach, watermelon even juniper berries for gin)

  • Tested Beginner Program! (We Teach You How!) UNHEARD OF ANY PLACE ELSE IN THE WORLD!

  • First Batch of Moonshine and Every Batch You Make is Perfect Every Time! NO ONE ELSE CAN CLAIMS THIS!
    You Can't Call Any One and They Show You How to Make World Class Spirits! Except US! NO ONE!

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  • Endorsed by Many Master Distillers!
    Across the World! True Hand Crafted Hooch is Yours!

  • Quality Hand Crafted Stills Built By Real Americans.
    We are True American Patriot Distillers. We Have  Heritage Running
      Through Our Veins.

  • Results! World Class Spirits. The Finest Hand Crafted Spirits That Can be Achieved!

  • The Truth! No Bull Stuff! The Truth on What
    Works & What Don't. Get Her Right Every Time!

  • Zero Hangover's  From our Quality Systems! Feel Excellent The Day After Drinking!
    Again Another First!

  • Make 60 Fifths of world Class Vodka, Rum, Whiskey, Bourbon for under $40.00 When you own one of our Turbo Stomper Stills.
There are many more reasons to own a
Turbo Stomper Moonshine Still
From StillDrinkin.Com There just too
Darn Many To List!