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Saturday, March 13, 2010


These Types of Stills.
They Produce Awful Tasting Desolates,
Active Carbon Will Not Even Clean Up The FOUL Oily Taste! They do not clean out the essential elements when operated. This means You Get Do Not Get A Clean Distillation.  In Fact You have to use a clearing agent in your mash. If not your desolate comes out cloudy! Who wants to drink extra chemicals!

No Matter what They Say, These Stills Make Awful Spirits!

This is a Inferior Product!
You will Have A Oil Taste That You Cant wash out of your Mouth!
(the taste is really bad)
You Get No Natural Flavor.
You Cant Add Any Natural Flavors During Distilling.
(the best time to add them!)
No Quality Whisky or Bourbon.
No Killer Rums.
Vodka that your car wont even like the taste of!
All Hooch You Make will Taste Like Crap!

You Need A Copper Distillation Column to make The Best Spirits!


Want True Flavor!
Clean, Clear, Crisp
Desolates Always!


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